Possible ways to boost up your internet speed

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Irrespective of the higher internet connectivity available in your place, if you are not able to buffer videos online or facing slow browsing speed while surfing through a web page, then you need to keep reading to know the best possible ways to boost your existing speed to the maximum.

There are multiple reasons that can bring over a slow internet speed in your house or working place. To get rid of such issues, you need to try the below-mentioned solutions one by one and find out the best way that can actually boost up your internet speed for real.

Boosting up your Wi-Fi signal through a Wi-Fi extender

Having a low Wi-Fi signal strength is the first indication of suffering from low internet speed. This can be instantly fixed by connecting the Wi-Fi extender with your computer using an Ethernet cable and complete the setup process in a few minutes of time to obtain the original internet speed that you have actually subscribed for.

How does a Wi-Fi extender help in increasing internet speed?

A Wi-Fi extender is basically a signal boosting device that can hold on to the weak Wi-Fi signal in a particular area, boost them to the maximum levels and substantially broadcast them to all your connected devices. If at all you are experiencing low Wi-Fi signals at various places in your living area, then having a Wi-Fi extender connected wirelessly to your router shall actually solve the internet connectivity and speed related issue.

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What makes Netgear Wi-Fi extender superior in terms of increasing your internet speed?

Netgear Wi-Fi extender is the best and most popular extender that people highly rely on boosting up their Wi-Fi signals to receive utmost internet speed at every other nook. The Netgear extender is compact in terms of design and just needs a power cord to start up the device and to enhance the Wi-Fi signals. Other than randomly placing the extender in your house, make sure to find out the dead Wi-Fi spots that are known to be blacking out the internet speed in the first hand. Power up the extender nearby such areas to get constant internet speed supplied even if your router is placed in the ground, first or the second floor.

Switch to a dual-band router and extender

A Wi-Fi router must have two frequency bands that can let you connect with the highest possible internet speed that is said to be provided by your internet service provider. For example, if you own the latest 5G mobile devices, then you can get the utmost internet speed by connecting to the 5 GHz frequency band from your router.

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The advantage behind owning the same branded router and extender

The dual-band Netgear routers are more than enough to get the internet speed that you thrive for and to boost up the signals, yet, if you are in a need to connect to the Wi-Fi from more than one hundred feet from the router, then installing a Netgear Wi-Fi extender shall be a valuable solution. Also, make sure to upgrade your router and extender to the same brand so that no kind of bugs and issues shall rise upon connecting them together.

Having queries related to installing Netgear Wi-Fi extender? Reach out to our expert technicians who are available around the corner to clear up your queries and to complete the entire Netgear WiFi extender login process at ease.


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