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Going through a rough patch to get rid of your internet weak single even after you have installed a WiFi Extender? The issue is extremely annoying and frustrating, reloading the page, again and again, to open it, pages taking forever to load, there is no way to play an online game with such weak internet signal and checking your emails on the mobile device even takes a whole day to open. The reason for weak internet signals is mainly due to the “black spots” in your house that means the places in your house where it’s not feasible for internet router or extender to provide the signal strength for that you are paying. Another common issue for the weak signal is your Netgear WiFi Extender setup needs to be updated; the setup must be located in the right place where the coverage area for the primary WiFi signal is proper.

             Improving the WiFi signal is not a tiresome job, just keep the basic things for the wireless network in mind and you will see the improved wireless connection.

Boost up the internet with Netgear WiFi extender setup

Location does play a very vital role in providing the proper internet signals, if you keep your router hidden behind your TV screen, in some closet or place where you can easily hide your router, etc. then it’s more like a hypothetical situation to get the better WiFi coverage with the bounded router.

  • To avoid weak signals causing by the physical setup of your WiFi extender you must not hide the extender neither you should keep it out of the coverage of primary WiFi signal.
  • Make sure the extender antenna is at 90°, any changes in the angel will provide maximum coverage to one side and minimum to another side.

mywifiext local

  • Check for the WiFi router updates. Getting the great coverage of WiFi signal till yesterday and apparently, you are facing the weak signals when the whole wireless network is untouched, in such cases open your Netgear Genie application and check for the updates.
    • Certainly, install the updates if you see any and restart the primary router and extender.
    • If no updates are there, try resetting your setup for the WiFi extender.

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  • Place the WiFi extender in the right coverage area of the main router wireless coverage area, if the location is an issue for you, you can switch your WiFi extender input internet from WiFi to Ethernet-based. Connect the Ethernet cable to your WiFi extender from the main router.

Following the basic fundamentals of the wireless network can avoid the issue related to weak signals from your primary router or your WiFi extender, as the wireless internet is covered by your router in your house. For assurance of the full strength signal from your WiFi extender, you should always connect the extender with the ethernet connection.


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