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A Wi-Fi extender is a simple device that has the potential to receive weak Wi-Fi signals from a router, amplify them to its maximum potential and then broadcast the same to every other nook of your home without having to face a dead Wi-Fi zone. By powering up the Wi-Fi extender nearby the dead spots in your home, you are about to surpass the signal irrespective of the object that has been earlier hindering the signals to pass through.

Check below features in your Wi-fi Extender

Purchasing a Wi-Fi extender can look easy at first but there are certain things that one must consider beforehand getting one. With thousands of brands producing Wi-Fi extender devices, decide to buy one that has the below-mentioned qualities present in them.

Check with the frequency band

Wi-Fi normally works in two different bands, namely 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. Both these bands can be differentiated in terms of networking speed that is transformed from the router to your connected device. Some Wi-Fi extenders have the potential to either meet up with anyone of these frequency bands and referred to as single band repeaters. Purchasing them shall be a headache, especially if you own a router that has the complete opposite frequency band. 

It is highly recommended to purchase a dual-band extender that can meet up with both the frequency bands and let you connect to anyone of them as per your need. Netgear extender has such dual bands available in their extenders and can be easily connected with an existing Netgear router as well.

Purchasing the same brand extender that can match with your router

Owning a router from a particular brand and a Wi-Fi extender from another one shall practically become a difficulty in connecting them together. Even if you have completed the setup process, you shall be facing quite a lot of network connectivity and speed related issues as well. To ensure your entire home is well-connected with the Wi-Fi network and to boost up the signal strength, invest in purchasing Wi-Fi extender and router from the same brand.

For example, the Netgear Wi-Fi extender setup process takes only a few minutes of your time to connect with your existing Netgear router. It can be easily done by connecting the extender with an Ethernet cable to your computer and then log in using your credentials to detect your Wi-Fi name and signal strength. By providing the Wi-Fi password, you can complete the entire setup process and then plug-in the extender to a power source to start utilizing the boosted Wi-Fi signals from any part of your home.

Get professional help

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Other than contacting the professional technician team regarding your connectivity queries related to, you can also get help related to choosing the right Netgear extender that can go easy with your overall budget and meet up with your Wi-Fi signal boosting requirements too.

Contacting with our Netgear tech support executives shall never be a hurdle, as they are available any part of the day and night to clear up your queries related to Wi-Fi extender and suggest the best Netgear extender model based upon the type of Netgear router that has been previously installed in your home. Our customer care number is toll-free and it will take less than twenty seconds of your time to connect with the right Netgear executive who can wisely solve your problems.


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